Translating Signs #5

Hello again, here’s a sign showing appreciation for the clean and polite people. Let’s check it out:


In this sign we can read the words:


A la gente decente,

que saca a su

perro y recoge

su excremento.

This is a very nice sign inviting the people to be responsible with their pets at a public park, let’s take it apart:


A la gente decente, / To the decent people,

que saca a su / who take out their

perro y recoge / dog and pick up

su excremento. / its excrement.

Putting it all together and arranging it in english would be something like this:

“¡CONGRATULATIONS! To the decent people, who take their dog out and pick its excrement up.”

Remember to always be an educated person and pick your dog’s poop up when you take it to public places, and continue learning spanish and practicing your vocabulary.

See you next time 🙂




Translating Signs #4


Here we have another one of the many signs we can find in the streets of any spanish-speaking country.


In it we can read:





Let’s take it apart:





this sign lacks of tildes, which indicate the accent marks in the spanish language, this means that the word “esta” have two different uses, “esta” is used to point at something and it is translated as the feminine “this”, but if we add a tilde, “está” change its meaning to the conjugation of the verb to be for the pronouns “el, ella, usted” and it’s translated to “is”. A good example of this case can be when we want to talk about a feminine object like the following:

“esta camisa está arrugada” / “this shirt is wrinkled”

The words “ATENCION” and “esta” should have tildes in this sentence – ATENCIÓN / ESTÁ

Translating Signs #3

Hello again guys, today we’ll be translating a sign found in a park near my current house here in Bogotá D.C., it is located in the same park in which I found the sign in my first post, so let’s check it out.

aviso 2

In the sign we can read:

“Disfrute de este

parque, es para

usted y su familia,

ayúdenos a


Let’s take it sentence by sentence:

“Disfrute de este parque,” means “Enjoy this park,”… the word de in this sentence could be erased without changing the meaning of the sentence very much, normally we use disfrutar de when we are talking about things that in some way are there for our enjoyment.

“es para usted y su familia,” means “it is for you and your family,”… in spanish we usually omit the pronoun because it is not necessary when we know what we are talking about, that’s why we don’t see el es in this sentence, but just the verb es.

“ayudenos a cuidarlo” means “help us to take care of it”.

I hope you liked this post, and you could learn some spanish through it.

Thanks for reading, see you next time, nos vemos despues.

Adiós! 😉

Translating Signs #2

Here it is another sign to translate and to understand, so let’s get “manos a la obra”, which means literally “hands into work”.


Today we have a special sign I found stuck in a shop’s window, it is one of those signs that we have to keep in mind so we can recognize it if we see it again. In it we can read:




let’s take it word by word

“Aprovecha” means “Take Advantage”, refering to an invitation to take advantage of a special offer or deal.


Everytime we see these kind of signs, we can be sure there are good things happening, and usually the offers are very good.

Thank you for reading, see you next time

Adios! 😉

Translating Signs #1

This is the first of a serie of posts dedicated to decifer and decode some sings that we can normally find in public spaces, so let’s get to it


 This is a sign that I found some days ago in a park I cross almost every day on my way to work, in it we can read:

“Escoja construir en vez de destruir”

“Escoja cooperar en vez de ser indiferente”

“Recoja lo que hace su perrito”

This is a really funny sign, because it starts mentioning really philosophical quotes and ends up saying something we didn’t expect. so let’s break it apart.

“Escoja construir en vez de destruir” means: “Choose to build instead of destroying”

“Escoja cooperar en vez de ser indiferente” means: “Choose to cooperate instead of being indifferent”

“Recoja lo que hace su perrito” means: “Pick up what your little dog does”

That last sentence is the funny part of the sign, because it refers to the dog’s poop as the “what your little dog does”.

I hope you liked this post and you could learn something from it.