Translating Signs #5

Hello again, here’s a sign showing appreciation for the clean and polite people. Let’s check it out:


In this sign we can read the words:


A la gente decente,

que saca a su

perro y recoge

su excremento.

This is a very nice sign inviting the people to be responsible with their pets at a public park, let’s take it apart:


A la gente decente, / To the decent people,

que saca a su / who take out their

perro y recoge / dog and pick up

su excremento. / its excrement.

Putting it all together and arranging it in english would be something like this:

“¡CONGRATULATIONS! To the decent people, who take their dog out and pick its excrement up.”

Remember to always be an educated person and pick your dog’s poop up when you take it to public places, and continue learning spanish and practicing your vocabulary.

See you next time 🙂




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