Translating Signs #3

Hello again guys, today we’ll be translating a sign found in a park near my current house here in Bogotá D.C., it is located in the same park in which I found the sign in my first post, so let’s check it out.

aviso 2

In the sign we can read:

“Disfrute de este

parque, es para

usted y su familia,

ayúdenos a


Let’s take it sentence by sentence:

“Disfrute de este parque,” means “Enjoy this park,”… the word de in this sentence could be erased without changing the meaning of the sentence very much, normally we use disfrutar de when we are talking about things that in some way are there for our enjoyment.

“es para usted y su familia,” means “it is for you and your family,”… in spanish we usually omit the pronoun because it is not necessary when we know what we are talking about, that’s why we don’t see el es in this sentence, but just the verb es.

“ayudenos a cuidarlo” means “help us to take care of it”.

I hope you liked this post, and you could learn some spanish through it.

Thanks for reading, see you next time, nos vemos despues.

Adiós! 😉


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